Achievement! Upgrade from an Australian Partnership to an Australian Company!

BIG BENCH GAMES PTY LTD Is the realisation of a 5 year long partnership between Josiah Ward and Alexander Sosin into a formal company to create video games together, formally registered in Perth at 200 Churchill Ave, Subiaco WA 6008.

At BIG BENCH GAMES PTY LTD we value the social & family experience for games. We seek to create accessible games to bring families together, to create a space where kids can enjoy a party game with their parents, uncles and aunts. Where friends can duke it out and have a laugh in the evening.

This company as a legal entity is relatively new, however as mentioned earlier, the founders Josiah and Alexander were in a legal partnership since 2017 and have been developing video games together since 2013.

Our game Space Orcs Brawl started pre-production in October 2021 and entered production late February 2022.