Big Bench Games is a Perth Based Studio currently working on Space Orcs Brawl!

Space Orcs Brawl is a family-oriented experience designed to be played on the lounge room TV. In this game you, the player, are a contestant in a wacky Orc game show where zany spaceships with different abilities compete for victory. The game suits up to 8 players with a selection of at least 8 playable characters to choose from, as well as six unique arenas, each with their own interactive and destructible environments. Asteroids and other hazards such as solar wind and pinball Pop bumpers will keep the players’ on their toes and in motion.

Space Orcs Brawl will feature a variety of game modes such as ‘Team Battle’, ‘Combat Racing’, and ‘Co-Op Survival’ – a cooperative mode where kids and parents can team up together to fight an army of computer-controlled spaceships. The gameplay and abilities are designed to create situations where players react together at the TV & express shared feelings of suspense, excitement and surprise – our design philosophy is based on this core social experience.

We have plans to launch on the Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2023!

Space Orcs Brawl is an arena based, arcade-like multi-player game. It draws from a Warcraft III custom game, Warlock, while taking elements from couch party fighting games such as Smash Bros & Super Bomber Man.

The game is currently in the alpha stage of development, a video of which can be seen below. 


The game involves controlling one of up to eight colourful spacecraft's in an arena while attacking opponents with various unique abilities and weapons. The goal is to knock your opponents out of the arena in a physics based environment that contains environmental hazards such as asteroids and mines. The last one standing wins the round.


Big Bench Games is comprised of two full time game developers from Perth, Western Australia. With our a combined total of 5 years and counting working in the games industry, with their spare time being spent working on and producing Space Orcs Brawl! We are being helped by a bunch of professional contractors to bring our game to the Nintendo Switch and PC!



About the team

Alex Sosin

Technical Director & Producer
Co-Founder, Company Director & Public Officer

Josiah Ward

Creative Director & Executive Producer
Co-Founder, Company Director & Secretary  

Max Howett

Gameplay/Content Designer

Alexander Sosin: Alexander has spent 1.5 years at Black Lab Games as both console programmer and generalist game programmer and has worked alongside Josiah on titles including Battlestar Galactica Deadlock and Warhammer 40k Battlesector. In 2020, Alexander finished a Bachelor’s of Biomedical Science majoring in Neuroscience and Computer Science. He then graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Honours degree in Neuroscience with a first class honours the subsequent year. Alexander has also taken his passion for game development to the academic sphere where he used the Unity 3D game engine and VR technologies in a 2019 publication published at the IEEE ISMAR conference whilst on academic exchange in Japan.

Josiah Ward: Josiah has spent the last 4 years at Black Lab Games as 3D artist and animator, including as a substantial contributor to 2021 AGDA Studio of the Year award. This included work on all 3D art for Battlestar Galactica season 2 DLCs under the art direction of Anthony Carriero. Josiah also worked on Warhammer 40k Battlesdector as the only 3D Artist under Anthony Carriero, from pre-production till the present day, having just shipped its third DLC. Josiah has experience managing the scope of the art department within a strict time budget while working in a fast-paced environment. Additionally, Josiah gives talks at local universities to game design students about 3D art & after Space Orcs Brawl is released, talks on managing video game production from start to finish.

Max Howett: Max is our most knowledgeable game designer, with a solid understanding of game design, balancing theory and how they can be used effectively to make gameplay engaging. The team meets weekly to pitch ideas and suggestions to Max to get his feedback on how it would suit the audience & aesthetic of the game.